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Working out is important.  For many though, going to the gym can be boring.  Have you heard of that cheesy catch phrase "I lift things up  - I put them down"?  Yea - for some that's all it is - if you're a robot. 

Thats where Zumba comes in.  Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.  Its a lot of fun being part of a group and having fun while you workout.  I decided to join in on a class and check it out.  I thought this was going to be only for females and wouldn't do anything for me workout wise.  Boy was I kicked my butt!  I don't know how you ladies do it - much love and respect to you all!  Even Chuck Norris would have a hard time with these classes. 

The class was a lot of fun.  Ran by Leah in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY.  She holds Zumba classes for adults and kids.   Her class is called Love Fitness with Leah.  Leah holds a dynamic role in the community where she takes everyones request personally and makes sure she helps them hit their goals.  When you check out her facebook group, the love and attention she gives all her clients is amazing.  

 We caught up with one of Leah's top clients.  Michelle wrote:

"Zumba with Leah has changed my life in a very positive way.  I needed a new outlet to de-stress and lose weight, however i was never a dancer.  These classes made me feel comfortable and sparked my interest in group weight loss.  I am obsessed and count down the minutes to my next class"


We had the chance to sit  down with Leah, during her hectic schedule and asked her a couple questions about her love for Zumba and fitness.

 Gary: Leah.  Why zumba?  What spiked your interest in fitness?

Leah:  Zumba was a natural progression when my love for movement transitioned from dance into fitness. It is a marriage of the two worlds.
I grew up dancing. Health has always been paramount! Plus I love helping people.

 Gary: That's awesome!  Leah, Were you always in shape?

Leah: Yes... I was active my entire life. From ballet to horseback riding to fencing. I love helping others discover the joy of movement. It was natural.

Gary: How many clients do you have?
Leah: Approximately 65 adults and 30 kids.

 Gary: Do you have certifications?

Leah: I have 16 certifications in fitness and health and am also a CPR/First Aid trainer.

Gary: What percentage of clients would you say seek to lose weight or just maintain?
Leah: After a certain amount of time, people train for the love of training and maintenance.

Gary: What are the most important things to keep in mind during and after work out?
Leah: The most important thing to keep in mind during a workout is that you CAN do it, and you will be so proud of yourself when you're done. Afterwards keep making healthy choices!  Also anybody can do it - I try to make sure everyone from the beginner to expert can participate. 

Gary: What’s your favorite body part to work out or what is your favorite exercise?
Leah: It's a toss up between push-ups and burpees.

Gary: How important is dieting?
Leah: Diet is truly 80% of the fitness picture. but it's also important to not get hung up on food. Enjoy your life, you only get one, and it's so much bigger than your body. If I could teach someone one thing it would be to enjoy their experiences and lives. All the small moments and forget about their insecurities. Because it's not toned thighs that change the world... it's our hearts and our actions. 

Gary: It's very interesting that you say that. I'm sure that you come across women with all sort of body types and goals. How do YOU stay so fit?

Leah: Well, putting exercise aside, Id say water is an intricate part of staying healthy and hydrated.  I personally drink about 1.5 gallos of water a day.  Secondly I watch what I eat.  Diet is very important.

Gary: I agree.  I can speak from authority since I know enough about nutrition in order to run a diet company.  Hearty Meals offers various programs to help lose weight, maintain or just eat healthier.  Do you think our meals would benefit your clients?  

Leah: Absolutely!  When I was doing meal prep it was always chicken and veggies, chicken and veggies.  It became boring and then to figure out what else i should have and quantities - I couldn't do it.  I wanted the help and found you guys.  I personally love the vegan/gluten free program.  My clients would enjoy this very much so.  The few that I have referred love that they can pick and choose meals.  With my help with exercise and your perfectly portioned meals - Im very confident they will hit their goals in no time.

Gary: Whats some of your favorite things about Hearty Meals?

Leah: The fact that its fresh and i don't have to go grocery shopping and wasting time in the kitchen is a huge plus for me.   

Gary: Leah thank you for your time.  We always love speaking and working out with you.

Leah: Its my pleasure.  I hope to see you and your wife at our couples Zumba class.

Gary: Count us in! 



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